Immigrants & The PIA Western Alliance States


Some interesting statistics were released a week or so ago in the Current Population Survey. It’s a joint survey done by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The survey found 27% of Americans — close to 25 million — are foreign born or have a foreign born parent.

In 2021 the survey took a look at each state, and at how many people in the state are immigrants, or have at least one parent who is an immigrant. It found 12 of the 50 states have immigrant populations of 30% or more.

Four of the 12 — Washington, California, Nevada and Arizona — are PIA Western Alliance states. California is the only state with over 50% of people claiming that distinction.

The Golden State has over 19 million people who are immigrants or have a parent who is one. New Jersey and New York both have populations higher than 40%.

Mississippi has the least number of immigrants, or people where the parent is one. That figure is 5%. Alabama and West Virginia are next and have just over that number.

Here are the statistics for the nine PIA Western Alliance states:

Alaska — 15%

Arizona — 32.5%

California — 50.6%

Idaho — 15.4%

Montana — 6.2%

Nevada — 31.9%

New Mexico — 22%

Oregon — 19.9%

Washington — 30.2%

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