Inflation & Your Just Finished 3 Day Independence Day Weekend



We’ve all noticed the impact of inflation on everything in our lives. The biggest notices have been gasoline and other auto fuels and groceries. This story focuses on the latter.

Over 60% of us had some sort of a bash. We grilled, we ate, we drank and we partied. The market research firm, Numerator said that 60% did so. Company spokeswoman, Karol Aure-Flynn said 53% of us did so with family and friends.

And as we all noticed, the price of those burgers, dogs, chips and beverages rose significantly between last year and this year. The Consumer Price Index pegged inflation in the month of May at 8.6%.

Add food costs into that and between May of 2021 and May of 2022, inflation has gone up 10.1%

Here’s a look at how everything you might have eaten or drank rose at your celebration this year.

Chicken — 17.4%

Ground beef — 13.6%

Burger buns / bread — 8.7%

Hot dogs — 10.4%

Beer — 4.5%

Potatoes — 8.6%

Snacks — 13.6%

Carbonated drinks / sodas — 13.2%

Ice cream — 9.6%

Cookies — 12.6%

Lettuce — 11.4%

Tomatoes — 2%

The Numerator report said the cost of the cookout for a part of 10 people is up 11% from last year to this year. The price of fireworks is up by 35% and the propane to fuel the BBQ is up 26% compared to a year ago.

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