It’s Summer — Best States for Vacations & Road Trips

WalletHub is a great source for insurance issues. It’s also a place consumers can go to find out where to go for fun. The website found that 75% of the adults they have surveyed so far this summer say they’re going to take some sort of a road trip before the summer ends.

For 33% of them, a road trip or a vacation will be more than 250 miles from home.

As with all things WalletHub researches, the best bang for the buck is a focus. When it comes to summer travel, the issue is where to go and affording to go where you eventually choose to go.

WalletHub analyst, Cassandra Happe said gas prices remain high. The national average is $3.45 a gallon but some states — especially those on the West coast — are a dollar or more higher. Then there’s where to stay, where to eat, what to see and more.

All of that is more expensive this year because of inflation.

“Taking a summer road trip can be a very exciting way to experience a new place, but with the prices of gas, food and accommodations heavily impacted by inflation, you’ll want to be in a state that makes this type of vacation affordable,” Happe said. “Safe roads are also key, and so is having plenty of worthwhile attractions to stop at along the road. The best states for summer road trips therefore are those that keep costs low while providing the best driving experience and most fun activities.”

According to WalletHub these are the 10 best states for vacationing or road trips this summer:

1. Texas

Total Score: 58.59

Costs rank: 11

Safety rank: 39

Activities rank: 5

2. Minnesota

Total Score: 58.48

Costs rank: 12

Safety rank: 7

Activities rank: 20

3. New York

Total Score: 58.44

Costs rank: 40

Safety rank: 12

Activities rank: 3

4. Louisiana

Total Score: 57.62

Costs rank: 1

Safety rank: 46

Activities rank: 9

5. Florida

Total Score: 57.11

Costs rank: 23

Safety rank: 50

Activities rank: 2

6. Ohio

7. North Carolina

8. Wyoming

9. Maine

10. Pennsylvania

Here’s how the 10 PIA Western Alliance States rank:

13. Idaho

Total Score: 54.10

Costs rank: 30

Safety rank: 9

Activities rank: 21

21. Arizona

Total Score: 51.76

Costs rank: 25

Safety rank: 40

Activities rank: 16

22. Nevada

Total Score: 51.72

Costs rank: 33

Safety rank: 38

Activities rank: 8

24. Alaska

Total Score: 51.17

Costs rank: 48

Safety rank: 21

Activities rank: 4

25, Oregon

Total Score: 50.37

Costs rank: 42

Safety rank: 28

Activities rank: 10

40. New Mexico

Total Score: 47.04

Costs rank: 16

Safety rank: 49

Activities rank: 28

41. Washington

Total Score: 46.32

Costs rank: 49

Safety rank: 35

Activities rank: 6

43. California

Total Score: 46.10

Costs rank: 50

Safety rank: 43

Activities rank: 1

44. Hawaii

Total Score: 45.39

Costs rank: 47

Safety rank: 27

Activities rank: 18

47. Montana

Total Score: 44.72

Costs rank: 31

Safety rank: 37

Activities rank: 34

As for gas prices, the lowest prices are found in Mississippi, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. All five of the highest gas prices in the nation are found in five of the PIA Western Alliance’s states.

50. California — the highest

49. Hawaii

48. Washington

47. Nevada

46. Oregon

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