Jobs — Remote Job Search up 300% from Last Year

Jobs — Remote Job Search up 300% from Last Year

Unless you’ve been living on the planet Zumo, or another place in the known universe, you are very much aware of the growing popularity of working remotely. It all began with COVID and has expanded since.

Maybe exploded would be a better word choice.

The keyword research company, Semrush did some research from data on job search engines and found searches for remote jobs in 2022 is up 300% from 2021. Those searches were for full-time jobs, part-time jobs and entry-level jobs.

Searching is one thing, being able to land a remote work job is quite another.

Semrush’s study found that just 6.8% of jobs on job search websites have a remote component. That means a significant number of people who say they’ll only work remotely are going to be disappointed.

While the lack of remote jobs is a concern to those looking for this kind of work, employers — still struggling with the impacts of the Great Resignation — may want to start offering remote work or, at the very least, a mix of remote work and in-office work. This — combined with other perks like flexible hours — might attract more candidates to fill critical, and often-empty, job openings.

Semrush also looked at the jobs people are seeking. It found the most Googled jobs are:

  • *Flight attendants
  • *Medical assistants
  • *Security
  • *Data analysts
  • *Project managers
  • *Proofreaders

    The least Googled jobs:

  • *Pharmacy technicians
  • *Administrative assistants
  • *Nannies
  • *Firefighters
  • *Tutors

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