Jobs & the Recession — People Staying When They Might Really Want to Leave

Jobs & the Recession — People Staying When They Might Really Want to Leave

Software job recruiter, Beamery does a yearly survey on jobs. The company has titled it the Talent Index. The most recent index found a seemingly unstable economy is causing employees to stay in jobs they would normally leave.

While the company’s focus is tech jobs, you can assume many of the conclusions in the study could apply to jobs in all kinds of industries.

Abakar Saidov is the company co-founder and CEO. He said 40% of those Beamery talked with said they are not looking for work and will stay where they are until the economy heads upward again — or at the very least — stabilizes.

Its never been more important for business leaders to focus on improving retention strategies,” he said. We can clearly see from the data that employees are really focused on compensation, culture and opportunities to learn and grow. As businesses begin to plan for the new year, addressing total compensation and rewards, investment in training managers and leaders, and having a real focus on upskilling and career development, should be a top priority.”

Recession and inflation are the top worries for job changing.

These are the main reasons people say they’ll consider leaving their jobs in the next 12 months. The reasons are not really all that surprising.

  • *33% cite better pay
  • *27% said a lack of salary increases at their current job
  • *20% worry that they won’t be able to find a new job
  • *That 20% feel it will take at least six months or longer to find one

    When it comes to job confidence levels, the Talent Index found the highest rate of confidence in job finding a year ago was 79%. This year it’s the lowest level the company has ever seen.

    It’s 67%.

    The index also looked deeply at the thoughts of employees and whether they’ll stay at or leave their current jobs.

  • *38% say they want more chances to learn new skills
  • *24% say they’re frustrated by the lack of chances to move up in the company
  • *20% say they’ve missed a chance to advance because of a heavy workload
  • *19% say their employer has no clue about their work skills

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