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Four in 10 managers in the U.S. want to use AI to replace employees. The 41% figure comes from a study by the presentation maker, The 3,000 managers surveyed said the high-quality output of AI will make that possible.

Another 40% of the 3,000 managers hope to replace a lot of their employees this year with cheaper AI tools. And when they do that, they are hoping the AI will make the team function as it had with more employees.

Worse news for employees. Of the 3,000 managers, 48% said their business will be better off financially if a large number of employees are replaced by AI tools this year.

Some employees won’t need to worry about their jobs. They’ll still have them but AI will mean lower salaries because less human-done work is needed.

Here are the statistics and the answer to this question: Will AI tools replace employees in 2024

  • Agree — 41%
  • Disagree — 20%
  • Neutral — 39%

How do employees feel? Not all that secure. found that employees are terrified that AI tools will make them less valuable at work. Another 62% think AI tools will eventually replace them.

The survey found that 50% of managers worry that AI will replace them, too. Or, at best, reduce their pay because they become less valuable to the company. And 48% of managers also think AI is going to cause big declines in wages across the U.S. in 2024.

  • 64% of managers are using AI tools for employee management on a daily, or a weekly, basis
  • 90% of managers are using AI tools to improve productivity
  • 10% aren’t using AI tools at all
  • The 64% using AI say the productivity level they are getting is equal to what they get out of experienced or expert managers

“Things like task and project management, content generation, and presentation design are obvious ways that managers can incorporate AI into their workflows — but the possibilities are endless and unique to each role, team, and company,” the report said.

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