Many Jobs Now Being Outsourced — The Top 5

Many Jobs Now Being Outsourced — The Top 5

The COVID pandemic radically changed the work environment for a lot of businesses. While many workers remained with companies, and some have cut deals to let them work remotely, thousands of businesses lost workers in the Great Resignation and haven’t been able to find replacements.

Many, after seeing how well they could get by without so many employees, decided to outsource many of their most important functions. Or so says job consultants, Outsource Accelerator.

Those kinds of decisions are also impacting people already performing those tasks so if you’re in one of them, you might want to keep your resume up to date. Outsourcing — it also appears — is less expensive than paying an employee and providing all the benefits, taxes and hassles attached to that employment.

These are the top 5 jobs being outsourced:

  • *Human Resources
  • *IT and other technical positions
  • *Marketing
  • *Sales
  • *Software development

Derek Gilmore is the CEO of Outsource Accelerator. He said by far (almost double) the most searched for job that Outsource Accelerator gets is HR. Gilmore also noted that almost 68% in the companies in the U.S. outsource one or more jobs and that we do more outsourcing than any country in the world.

The most searched-for source to do outsourced work is the Philippines.

“The Philippines is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for smaller to mid-sized companies looking to outsource,” Gilmore said. “Companies can expect to see large savings while simultaneously contributing to the economic growth of the country.” 

These are the top 5, and most in-demand jobs that employers want to outsource and the number of queries Outsource Accelerator fields in a month:

  1. Human Resources — 20,940 searches a month
  2. Information technology — 11,790 searches a month
  3. Marketing — 6,920 searches a month
  4. Sales — 5,630 searches a month
  5. Software development and testing — 5,510 searches a month

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