Men & Women & Distracted Driving Fatalities


Zutobi is a driver education resource company. It recently took a long look distracted driving collisions that turned fatal. In 2020 there were 2,906 fatal distracted driving collisions.

Men were involved in 2,125 of them. 

Leo Waldenback is the cofounder of Zutobi and he says that is a staggering number. Another staggering statistic is the huge number of distracted driving crashes experienced in this country. Every year since 2015 there have been somewhere between 265,000 to 295,000 of them that result in injuries.

In 2020 there was a drop of crashes to 215,000 but a huge jump in fatalities.

Traffic deaths have surged in many areas,” Waldenback said. “The major causes of road accidents are due to driver errors. For example, drunk driving fatalities have not been this high in over a decade. Distracted driving, however, shows a glimmer of hope.”

What won’t surprise you is the major culprit in these crashes. It’s the smartphone. Waldenback said close to 13% of the fatal distracted driving crashes can be attributed to cell phones.

These are the other big distractions:

  • *Reaching for moving objects
  • *Looking at external objects
  • *Reading
  • *Applying makeup
  • *Eating
  • *Passengers in the vehicle

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