Mergers & Acquisitions — Rising


Optis Partners tracks mergers and acquisitions and says in the first half of 2022 there have been 427 of them. That’s a 16% increase over the 2021 figure in the same time frame and 13% over the first-half year five-year average.

In fact, the second quarter of this year is the fourth most active merger and acquisition quarter that Optis has seen.

Optis managing partner, Timothy Cunningham said most of the growth in the first half of 2022 was from companies involved in the insurance industry outright. There were 53 of those and they involved life/financial services, actuarial and human resources consulting, technology, and other companies connected to insurance.

Deals involving insurance agents and brokers jumped 1.5%.

There simply arent the same number of sellers there as in the past,” he said. But buyers still have a lot of capital to deploy, and they are finding opportunities to fill other needs in their businesses with firms in this expanded space.”

Here are the top 3 active players:

  • *PCF Insurance Services — 48 deals
  • *Acrisure LLC — 43 deals
  • *Hub International Ltd. — 35 deals


  • *Inszone Insurance Services had 20 transactions
  • *Patriot Growth Insurance Services was involved in16
  • *Keystone Agency Partners did10.

The lion’s share of the transactions were from private-equity brokers. They accounted for 73% of them.

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