Mobile Apps — GEICO Tops Them All

Mobile Apps — GEICO Tops Them All

A big competitor for personal lines business these days is the mobile app. We all know it’s best to see an independent insurance agent of the PIA to purchase such insurance but a lot of people these days don’t want the personal contact.

A mobile app will do.

Or so says the Keynova Group in the Q3 2022 Mobile Insurance Scorecard. Spokeswoman, Beth Robertson said the report looks deeply at the experience of customers with the top 12 insurers in the U.S. and the user friendliness of their apps.

The report also — through 250 objective criteria — looks at trends that will drive people to use such applications.

When it comes to overall use for the mobile web and the app, GEICO sits in first place. Firmly in second is Progressive. It is third in the mobile web. State Farm has the second best app and is tired for third for the best mobile web with USAA.

Allstate is also tied for third in that category.

Robertson said the report notes the importance of claims done via the app and the mobile web. She said another plus is damage inspections done remotely. The number increasing and not only seems to be streamlining the claims process for policyholders, it is doing the same for carriers.

“Damage inspection tools for automobiles have been more widely deployed, but both the pandemic and the increase in the extent of natural disasters have incentivized a broadened application of remote damage inspection for homeowners and other property applications,” Robertson pointed out. “Most of the inspection tools are deployed as separate apps, though some, such as Esurance’s Photo Claims for auto damage inspections, are embedded directly into the digital claims area in the carrier’s primary servicing app.”

Robertson said telematics is helping streamline things. Telematics systems also help with rate setting since it monitors driving habits.

“One trend in auto is the use of accident-detecting telematics tools, which are beginning to be deployed within the servicing app — as is done by Allstate and GEICO — and which could be integrated with remote damage inspection to further facilitate the claims process and provide more accurate and timely damage, vehicle, and driver information to a carrier,” Robertson said. “For property inspections, apps photograph and measure damages and can provide three dimensional details to a carrier to aid in damage assessment. Drones are also being deployed to provide precise location and scope evaluations.”

Other findings from the report:

  • *The primary app for GEICO & Allstate has accident detection and notification systems
  • *Five carriers now have quoting options on the mobile web and their apps
  • *11 carriers use mobile microphones on a smartphone to use and fill out a quote form
  • *Progressive is the only carrier in the survey offering mobile payment options

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