More News on the Great Resignation — Returning to the Office


A survey by Nationwide is shedding new light on workers returning to the office full-time. Most business owners — the study found — will want all employees back in the office full time in the next year or so.

As you know — and as the Nationwide Agency Forward survey suggests — employees want to keep flexibility on where they work and when.

The younger the worker, the more flexibility they are demanding. Of all of Generation Z’s employees (born between 1997 and 2012), 62% say they’ll leave employment at a company solely based on plans to return them to the office.

Nationwide’s vice president of commercial lines, Linda Stueber said millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) are a bit more flexible. Just half would leave a company based on office return plans. 

Three-quarters of U.S. workers received flexibility with how and when they worked during the pandemic, and of those who didnt have flexibility, 42% considered leaving their jobs as a result,” Stueber said. Employers who are able to demonstrate continued flexibility and personalization for employees in their work will be most successful in todays competitive labor market.”

All that concern aside, businesses may be seeing a return to advantages they had before COVID turned the business world upside down two years ago.

** Just 20% of business owners say they’re seeing Increases in resignations

** Just 4% of employees say they’ve started a new job

Full-time, in-office work statistics:

** Before the pandemic 86% of us worked in an office

** Mid-pandemic just 38% of us worked in an office

** Today 54% of us are back in the office

So things might be a bit better for businesses than in the past few months.

** Almost 70% of employees consider flexibility when thinking of a new employer

** Yet today just 36% of businesses offer a choice of where or when to work

** 30% don’t plan on putting flexibility in job offers in the future

** 43% of small businesses don’t play on putting flexibility in job offers in the future

With work from home, work from office and dozens of hybrid work options in between likely to remain part of the modern work environment, its a good time for employers to really think about the kinds of work that can be done in an office and what can be done remotely,” Stueber noted. Having this clarity and looking for ways to provide flexibility can help business owners attract and retain employees and keep their long-term business plans on track.”

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