Napping at Work — An Idea Whose Time has Come?

Napping at Work — An Idea Whose Time has Come?

Napping at work has been getting a nod and a wink since work started at the beginning of human history. A lot of companies will give an employee caught napping a pass.

These days, napping on the clock is getting more attention.

The mattress firm, Amerisleep recently talked to 1,001 workers about their sleep habits on the job. What it found is people in technology take the most naps. Construction is second.

How much napping, you ask?

  • *Technology workers napping numbers 70% of the workforce
  • *68.2% of construction workers sleep on the job
  • *Government & public administration workers are the 3rd most nappers at 63.5%

Insurance industry workers come in fourth with 58.9% of workers in our industry admitting to grabbing a few Zs on the clock.

The least napping industry is art, entertainment and recreation workers. Just 34.6% of them nap on the job.

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