New Rules by the FTC for Irritating Robocalls & Telemarketing — Will They Work?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says it’s going to crack down on those companies sending out endless — and unwanted — robocalls and telemarketing calls. Operation Stop Scam Calls is being led by the FTC and involves 101 other federal and state law enforcement agencies.

This includes the attorneys general for all 50 states and Washington D.C.

Samuel Levine heads up the FTC consumer protection bureau and he notes that over 180 enforcement actions and initiatives are part of the new crackdown. “We don’t know too many people out there who enjoy getting scam calls,” Levine said. “A single unwanted call is one too many.”

One of the purposes is to catch those doing lead generating by promising free rewards for responses, or to get someone a job interview. All of that is designed to gather personal information that can be sold.

Much of what the FTC and these law enforcement agencies are trying to prevent is already illegal. The National Do-Not-Call Registry was created in 2003 and 246.8 million of us told the FTC we don’t want robocalls or telemarketers bothering us.

They still do.

That answer leads to an important question. Will this action make things better? Time will tell but it’s doubtful that very many of us think it will.

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