One for the Books — GEICO on the Hook for a Woman Getting an STD in a Car


The U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas issued a decision that the Missouri Court of Appeals has upheld. It not only has a lot of insurance people scratching their heads, but has people everywhere — in general — doing the same thing.

A woman filed a lawsuit against GEICO and said she picked up an STD in an auto insured by the company. The court agreed she unwittingly picked it up and that GEICO is somehow responsible and on the hook for this award. The amount will blow your mind.

$5.2 million.

Here’s the story. In February of last year a woman said she contracted the human papillomavirus (HPV) after having intercourse in an insured’s car. She said he knew he had the medical condition but had sex with her anyway. Somehow she thinks — or more likely a creative-thinking lawyer — the insurer ought to be taking care of the damages she’s suffered physically and emotionally.

GEICO declined her claim and the case was sent to arbitration. Maybe the company didn’t think arbitration would turn out as it did. Or maybe it just wasn’t paying attention. The arbitration negotiations gave the woman this award and said GEICO would pay.

Even worse for the insurance company, the appeals court denied the appeal and said GEICO has no right to appeal.

Like most of you, Weekly Industry News is wondering just how the insurer is responsible for the the results of the insured’s sexual exploits in his auto, and just how, and why, the woman is entitled to collect from GEICO.

And like most of you, we’re wondering what kind of a can of worms has just been opened.

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