Pet Insurers — Forbes Advisor Points to the 10 Best

Those of us with pets already know this. They’re family. And pets are as big a part of the family as the human members. In some cases, they’re an even bigger part that some of those humans.

We all know the pain we go through when we lose a loved one, or when a loved one is crippled by an illness or an injury. The same goes for pets.

It is this kind of thinking that has fueled huge increases in the sale of pet insurance. By the end of 2021, the North American Pet Health Insurance Association said there were 4.41 million pets with pet insurance.

That’s up 27.7% from 2020.

Most of those reading this understand how insurance works and how policies are set up. Forbes Advisor found there are three kinds of pet insurance. Accident and illness plans were the most prevalent.

Like other kinds of insurance, pet insurance policies also have some common exclusions:

  • *Pre-existing conditions
  • *Preventative or elective procedures
  • *Exam fees
  • *Grooming
  • *Breeding costs
  • *Expenses not related to veterinary care like taxes, etc.
  • *Food and vitamins

    After doing an extensive analysis of different pet insurers, and pet insurance plans, Forbes Advisors came up with a top-10 best and 10 areas where they are the Brest.

  • *For superior benefits — Embrace
  • *Best deductible choices — Pets Best
  • *Lowest out-of-pocket claims costs — ManyPets
  • *The shortest waiting period after an accident — Figo
  • *The best price for kittens and puppies — Lemonade
  • *Best for annual coverage choices — Spot
  • *Best for no waiting period for special conditions — ASPCA
  • *Best for unlimited wellness coverage — Nationwide
  • *Excellent extras Prudent Pet
  • *For service dogs — TrustedPals

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