PIA National Launches a Cyber Defense Program

In association with the PIA Partnership, PIA National has created Winning@Cybersecurity Defense. As Weekly Industry News reported last week, PIA National launched the program to help agents and agencies battle cyber criminals intent on inflicting damage to their businesses.


This same program can also help you help your clients.


PIA National Executive Vice President and CEO Mike Becker said the Allianz Risk Barometer now has cyber risk now tops COVID as the top business risk. In the recent PIA National / National Underwriter annual independent agent survey, 64% of agents say they’re concerned about serving clients online and noted data security and compliance are the reasons.

In many respects, cyberattacks are the pandemic of technology. A cyberattack is lethal, destructive and can infect systems that are not protected. They can have devastating long-term effects, especially for small businesses. Ransomware, phishing, and data breaches can cost insurance agencies hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Becker said. It is critical that all business owners realize the magnitude of the threat and take action. Thats why PIA and The PIA Partnership created

Winning@Cybersecurity Defense, a comprehensive program to help independent insurance agents protect themselves and fight back.”

The program is a four-step resource to educate agents and their small and medium sized business clients about the most common dangers they face. It teaches best practices and coverages that can be obtained to reduce that risk.

Here’s what the program contains:

Custom assessments

Security tips

Employee training

Password management

Antivirus protection

Business recovery plans

Vendor management

Growing a security mindset and more

Here’s a link with more information on the program from the PIA Western Alliance: https://bit.ly/3JLGuBH

Source link: PIA National — https://bit.ly/3haPP9X


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