PIA Oregon-Idaho Awards Agent of the Year, Company Person of the Year

The 2022 PIA Oregon-Idaho Agent of the Year is Chris DeVito of Larson-Flynn Insurance Services in Silverton, Oregon.

Like most agents, our Chris takes good care of his clients. Very, very good care. They are his top priority. When it comes to claims, he wants to make sure an insurance company treats his clients like we all want to be treated.

If there’s a problem with a justified claim and it is denied, he doesn’t back down. Even if it means the claim gets prolonged. Chris wants to see justice done and the right decision made.

He is a mentor to many, a father figure to some and an important cog in his community. Chris exemplifies what it means to be an independent insurance agent.

And just as importantly, Chris has selflessly served the PIA and the membership of the Oregon-Idaho affiliate chapter.

Pat Morril of the State Accident Insurance Fund that all of you affectionately call, SAIF, is the 2022 PIA Oregon-Idaho Company Person of the Year.

She’s that “go-to” person that community organizations seek out when they need help. Some of her co-workers and colleagues define her as a “professional volunteer.”

Pat is universally liked, loved by most and some people call her a saint. She has what some co-workers call a close to photographic memory. She forgets nothing. One of her coworkers told us she always loves to be close to her at an insurance special event, or a conference.


She knows everyone. Not only does Pat know their names, but she knows their work history going back a couple of decades. If an agent has changed companies a half dozen times, Pat will know what companies and when the changes were made.

This isn’t just one or two agents or company members. It’s everyone she’s worked with in Oregon for a couple of decades. We are all blown away by that ability and by her hard work on behalf of the independent agents of the PIA Oregon-Idaho.

The membership of the PIA Oregon-Idaho congratulate both Chris and Pat, and thank them for their service. 

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