PIA Western Alliance, MarshBerry & You — A Very Profitable Marriage

The PIA Western Alliance and FirstChoice — a MarshBerry Company — have launched a collaboration designed to provide PIA Western Alliance members with enhanced access to MarshBerry’s extensive industry expertise and resources.

PIA Western Alliance Executive Vice President Kim Legato said this will be an incredible benefit to Western Alliance members who choose to participate.

“As our industry continues to evolve, it creates challenges that are often unanticipated,” she told Weekly Industry News. “And keeping in mind how the industry is experiencing challenges, we know that the concept of market access isn’t just about market access anymore. This new partnership will bolster the competitive edge for PIA agency members in a multitude of ways.”

MarshBerry’s FirstChoice program pays the highest carrier commissions available and as long as your agency remains a member in good standing with the Western Alliance, you can participate in lucrative FirstChoice profit sharing benefits.

“PIA Western Alliance dues for new and existing members who choose to participate in the program will be covered,” Legato said. “What does that mean exactly? By virtue of signing up for the FirstChoice program, new members joining the Western Alliance will see the benefit immediately. Existing PIA West members can also enjoy this benefit and will see it effective upon their next renewal.”

The FirstChoice program is $500 per month and includes all of MarshBerry’s extensive services, including consulting and data benchmarking and so much more. The enhanced profit-sharing revenue, bonuses and overrides will easily pay for the FirstChoice monthly fee. It will add additional profit and increase the value of your agency.

These are the highlights agents can take advantage of in the new partnership:

  • Over 70 markets across the country.
  • 35 carriers in the Western Alliance States.
  • You own your book of business 100%.
  • As a PIA Western Alliance member, you receive 100% of commission directly from the carrier.
  • The profit share is paid from $1 of aggregated premium.
  • There are additional bonus incentives and overrides.
  • No additional start up fees — just pay the monthly FirstChoice fee and your membership with Western Alliance is included.
  • The member portal houses information on premiums, bonuses, carrier information, and operational resources.
  • A dedicated FirstChoice regional leader to assist you with carrier relationships, strategic carrier planning and industry information.
  • Risk Placement Team for admitted small and middle market commercial along with limited high value home.
  • Carrier training and education support is also offered.
  • FirstChoice also offers technology consultation to assess systems, websites, social media, advice on data bench marking to show you how your agency stacks up.
  • Resource support includes check lists, human resources, and agency management information.
  • And there is an annual “In Motion” member meeting.

“The PIA Western Alliance seeks to enhance the building blocks necessary for our members by providing products, services and partnerships to stay competitive. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to empower our members with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in a competitive market.” Legato said.

First Choice President Keith Captain said “as you can see, the focus of his company is the success of the independent agent and agency.

“We are thrilled to offer PIA Western Alliance members access to FirstChoice, enhancing their ability to deliver insurance solutions to their clients,” Captain said. “This partnership underscores our commitment to supporting independent agents with innovative tools and resources, empowering them to thrive in a competitive market.”

To learn more, contact us at 888-246-4466 and learn more at Western Alliance and FirstChoice – Professional Insurance Agents Western Alliance (piawest.com)

About PIA Western Alliance

The Professional Insurance Agents Western Alliance is a membership organization promoting and enhancing the success of independent agencies seeking to grow, learn and be heard within the industry.


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