Political Parties that Can’t Get Along — We’re All Worried

It’s no secret, the two political parties that rule the U.S. cannot get along with each other. That they don’t get along is becoming more worrisome to the people. A new poll from the Bipartisan Policy Center/Morning Consult said the ever-growing acrimony between the parties has 82% of voters saying they’re worried about the state of democracy in the U.S.

  • 40% of that 82% are “very worried”

The poll also shows 84% of Republicans and 84% of Democrats saying they are worried and that leads us back to the two political parties.

  • 59% of those polled are not confident that the two parties can reach across the aisle and work with each other and pass bipartisan solutions to problems
  • 62% of Republicans feel that way
  • 50% of Democrats think that

All of this is wrapped around the spending bills to avoid a government shutdown. Congress is getting ready to recess for its annual August break. There won’t be a lot of time when it gets back into session in September to pass 11 of 12 spending bills by September 30th.

If they aren’t passed and signed by the president, the government shuts down.

The poll also took a look at what voters thought about other issues:

  • 67% think it’s “very important” for the two parties to pass bipartisan legislation affecting the economy
  • 88% say inflation is their number-one concern
  • 84% say inflation has impacted their spending habits and finances
  • 73% are concerned about losing their jobs because of the rise of artificial intelligence
  • 46% feel negative about the use of artificial intelligence

Source link: The Hill — https://bit.ly/45Da1Jd

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