Raising the Official Retirement Age? Most of Us Say NO!

As part of the push to reduce the federal government budget, many in the Republican leadership in Congress said they want to look seriously at reductions in the nation’s bulky safety-net programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Among the proposals floated by Republicans are lowering benefits for wealthier seniors, reducing cost-of-living adjustments and raising the required retirement age.

Since Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid make up over half of the federal government’s $2.7 trillion budget, the changes are designed to put a dent in government spending.

That dent is leading to some fierce feedback.

A Quinnipiac University poll published last week shows that 78% of us oppose raising the Social Security retirement age from 67 to 70. Just 17% said they support the move.

Breaking it down:

  • 77% of Republicans oppose raising the full retirement age
  • 81% of Democrats agree
  • So do 81% of Independents

That said, there is just very little support for such a move:

  • Only 18% of Republicans like the idea of raising the age from 67 to 70
  • Just 17% of Democrats expressed the same sentiment
  • 16% of Independents support an age increase

When Quinnipiac pollsters asked if the respondents would support raising the full retirement age for Social Security if there was a guarantee that the benefits would last longer, 62% still said no.

Just 30% agreed it might be a good idea.

News sources say Republican leaders in Congress have backed off from proposals to reduce those programs.

Source link: The Hill — http://bit.ly/40IkmRs

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