Remote Workers — Another Perspective

The debate continues to rage over what system is most efficient. Is working remotely working best, or is it best to have people working from an office, or on-site. Many companies find a hybrid of sorts works.

But this report isn’t about hybrid. In The Talent Insights report from the work solutions company, Aquent teams working remotely get the nod over teams working on-site or in an office.

Why? Aquent founder and CEO, John Chuang said they embrace their work better, they value diversity and they’re really open to new innovations like AI.

Here are some stats from the report:

  • 66% of the remote teams are identified as high-performing
  • Just 47% of the in-office, or on-site, teams get that distinction
  • 79% of remote working teams will look seriously at diverse perspectives very well or moderately well
  • 61% of in-office, or on-site, teams are ranked that way
  • 96% of the remote teams are very, or moderately, effective at adapting to change and embracing innovation

“We believe AI will enhance human talent and empower people to be more creative, agile and efficient,” Chuang said. “It is my sincere hope that companies across the globe will lean on these findings to better inform their workplace policies and decisions. Together, we can create a great place to work for all.”

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