Resumes — Are Your Job Seekers Telling the Truth?

Hiring managers and business owners, check this out. ResumeLab — the resume advice company — did a survey of 1,900 workers in August of this year. They wanted to know who has been lying on their resumes and their cover letters.

Here are some shocking results

  • Over 70% say they lied on their resumes or cover letters
  • 37% said they lied frequently
  • 52% said they stretched the truth of past responsibilities
  • 52% have lied about their job title and/or previous job titles
  • 45% lied about the number of people they managed
  • 37% didn’t tell the truth about the length of employment

Cover letters and job interviews didn’t fare much better:

  • 76% didn’t tell the truth with what they put on their cover letter
  • 80% said they stretched the truth in a job interview

Who lied the most? Surprisingly, people with masters and doctoral degrees. The fewest lies were told by people with bachelors and associate degrees.

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