Retiring Soon? Decisions, Decisions — Stay Put or Move?

WalletHub studies all kinds of things that affect the pocketbook. Retirement is one of those things. It found that a lot of us haven’t saved enough money for retirement.

Many haven’t saved anything.

If you haven’t saved a lot for the big day, where you decide to retire is an important decision. And WalletHub — as you know — knows that most people cannot live off of Social Security alone. At best it can only take care of 40% of the average working earnings.

Even with a good pension, retirement can be tricky. 

To determine the best states in which to retire, WalletHub’s researchers looked at each state and how they relate to affordability, the quality of life and healthcare.

These are the best states — says WalletHub — in which to retire. Two of them — Montana and Arizona — are PIA Western Alliance states.

1. Florida

Total score: 59.41

Affordability: 4

Quality of life: 5

Health care: 27

2. Virginia

Total score: 59.32

Affordability: 9

Quality of life: 7

Health care: 13

3. Colorado

Total score: 59.27

Affordability: 11

Quality of life: 21

Health care: 4

4. Delaware

Total score: 56.34

Affordability: 6

Quality of life: 35

Health care: 15

5. Minnesota

Total score: 55.85

Affordability: 36

Quality of life: 3

Health care: 1

6. North Dakota

Total score: 54.51

Affordability: 25

Quality of life: 16

Health care: 16

7. Montana

Total score: 54.44

Affordability: 14

Quality of life: 18

Health care: 31

8. Utah

Total score: 54.23

Affordability: 19

Quality of life: 20

Health care: 26

9. Arizona

Total score: 54.17

Affordability: 15

Quality of life: 32

Health care: 24

10. New Hampshire

Total score: 54.17

Affordability: 34

Quality of life: 2

Health care: 8

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