Salary Increases in 2023 — Insurance Agency Manager in the Top-10

Adzuna is a search engine people use to find jobs. The company recently looked at the 17.9 million jobs advertised on its website and compared the salaries posted in December of 2021 to those on the site in December of 2022.

The idea is to see which jobs will see the biggest salary increase in 2023.

Here’s some good insurance news. Coming in at number 8 on the survey is insurance agency manager. Adzuna says those getting a job managing an agency in 2023 can expect a 38.2% jump over what they would have received in 2021.

While a 38.2% rise seems pretty awesome, further research says the average salary only hits $56,523 a year.

Paul Lewis is the chief customer officer at Adzuna. He said some jobs are seeing significant salary increases.

“There is still hot competition for talent, and this is driving salary increases across the board,” he said. “However, it’s important to factor in inflation too, which means that pay raises being offered are less in real terms than they look on paper.”

Lewis said of the top-10 jobs with the highest salary increases, just four of them have a six-figure salary range. Four of them — the insurance agency manager among them — saw salaries below $60,000. That’s super sad when you note that the U.S. Census Bureau says it takes an income of $78,814 a year for a median-sized household to survive.

Here are the top-10 biggest pay increases Adzuna says we’ll see in 2023:

1. Loan officer

  • Average advertised salary: $137,451
  • 101.7% increase

2. Delivery driver

  • Average advertised salary: $78,093
  • 83.5% increase

3. Mental health social worker

  • Average advertised salary: $104,207
  • 80% increase

4. Site manager

  • Average advertised salary: $112,019
  • 63.9% increase

5. English tutor

  • Average advertised salary: $41,911
  • 56.7% increase

6. Lawyer

  • Average advertised salary: $105,868
  • 42.4% increase

7. Instructor

  • Average advertised salary: $46,928
  • 38.4% increase

8. Insurance agency manager

  • Average advertised salary: $56,523
  • 38.2% increase

9. Tanker driver

  • Average advertised salary: $72,455
  • 38.1% increase

10. Shop manager

  • Average advertised salary: $58,572
  • 35.6% increase

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