Seattle Residents are the Most Medicated in the U.S.

The U.S. Census Bureau has established a new department called the Household Pulse Survey. It offers close to instant data on a number of different topics. One of the latest involves people taking medication to cope with mental health and emotional issues.

That survey was done the first couple of weeks of December of last year.

It turns out that close to one in five residents of the PIA Western Alliance city of Seattle, Washington are taking something to ease one, or both, of those issues. So it is at the top of the most medicated of the top-15 metro areas in the U.S.

At the bottom end of the top-15 metro areas is the PIA Western Alliance city of Riverside-San Bernardino, California. Just 11% of its residents take that kind of medication.

Starting with who took prescription medicine in the past month, these are the PIA Western Alliance cities surveyed:

Seattle — 21.1%

San Francisco — 16.3%


Phoenix — 16.9%

San Bernardino — 11.2%

Here’s a breakdown of who is taking mental health medications in Seattle:

Women — 29.4%

Men — 13.5%


White — 26.55

Black — 18.6%

Multiracial — 16.5%

Hispanic — 13.7%

Asian — 5.3%

Marital status

Divorced/separated/widowed — 32.1%

Never married — 22.2%

Married — 17.7%

By household income

Less than $75,000 — 29.6%

$75,000 to $99,000 — 19.3%

$100,000 and higher — 20.9%

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