Self-Driving Autos — We Still Don’t Trust Them

Self-Driving Autos — We Still Don’t Trust Them

Every year someone does a survey on how we feel about self-driving vehicles. And every year that survey comes up with the same answer.


We just don’t trust them.


The latest poll is from Policygenius. The Policygenius 2022 Self-Driving Cars Survey said — overall — people are skeptical about autos with full self-driving capability.”


Here’s what Policygenius spokeswoman, Rachael Brennan said the study found:


  • *76% of us fell less safe driving or riding in a vehicle with self-driving features
  • *73% feel less safe knowing there are autos on the road with self-driving features
  • *33% think such vehicles require constant attention from the driver


    Whether because of road rage, reckless driving or car accidents, its understandable that many people are wary of taking their eyes off the road and relying on a self-driving car,” Brennan said. As advances in autonomous vehicle technology continue, auto companies and insurance companies will need to resolve a number of challenges, from helping people feel safe on the road to navigating new insurance implications, like who is at fault in an autonomous vehicle incident.”


    Here’s more from the survey:


  • *38% think the extra safety features on these vehicles deserve an insurance discount
  • *62% say insurance on these vehicles ought to be the same as non-self driving autos
  • *24% think we can currently buy autos that let us temporarily take our eyes off the road
  • *79% say they will not pay more to buy an auto with self-driving vehicles


And when it comes to who is at fault if there is a self-driving auto collision, people are 50-50 as to whether it’s the person “driving” or the manufacturer of the vehicle.


Speaking of fault, respondents were divided 50/50 on who should be held responsible if a car crashes while self-driving features are in control—the driver or the car manufacturer.


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