Self-Driving Vehicles — Still Not that Popular with Consumers

A lot of new vehicles these days have Level 2 autonomous driving features. Those features let the vehicle do “some” of the driving. Level 2+ have hands-off features that let the auto do the driving for you.

That feature still requires a driver to pay attention to the road.

Then there’s the Level 3 system. It has the auto doing all the work while the so-called driver can relax, play video games, watch a movie, or do whatever.

We — the nation’s consumers — aren’t particularly crazy about any of the three.

That’s the conclusion of the 2023 S&P Global Mobility consumer survey. It says most of us are very interested in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The ADAS system includes detection of blind spots, a backup camera, a system to warn of a forward collision, emergency braking, and ways to detect pedestrians and bicyclists and motorcyclists.

Those features are desirable for 80% of us. Just 61% of those surveyed said they are interested in a self-driving vehicle.

Just 47% of us said we’ll even ride in one.

Here’s what the survey found howe people felt about ADAS/AD feature desirability:

  • Blind spot detection — 82.5%
  • Rearview camera mirror — 80.3%
  • Forward collision warning — 80.0%
  • Automatic emergency braking (pedestrian & biking) — 80.0%
  • Night vision — 79.8%
  • Unsupervised automated driving on highways — 64.9%
  • Remote valet automatic parking — 64.5%
  • Hands-off automated driving — 63.7%
  • Unsupervised city automated driving — 63.1%
  • Self-driving car — 61.0%

By the way, while a lot of us like those nifty safety features, we don’t really like the idea of having to pay more money for them. Over 50% of those surveyed said they ought to come standard with every vehicle.

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