Selling Your Home Soon? They’re Selling Quickly in the PIA Western Alliance States

The real estate experts at Agent Advice took a look at how long it takes to sell a home in each state in the union. Agent Advice founder, Chris Heller said homes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire sell the fastest. The two states share the top spot and it takes an average of 33 days to sell a home.

Heller said if you live in New York, the sale time is the longest and takes an average of 61.5 days.

Coming in 2nd place is the PIA Western Alliance state of Washington where home sellers only have to wait 33 days. Tennessee is 3rd at 33.5. Colorado ranks 4th with an average sale time of 34 days.

The PIA Western Alliance states of Arizona and Nevada rank 5th and 6th. Arizona is tied with Rhode Island and homes sell for 35.5 days. Nevada’s homes sell in an average of 36.

Virginia and the PIA Western Alliance state of California rank 7th and homes sell in those states in 36.5 days on average. Maryland is 8th with a 37 day average. Indiana and Ohio are tied for 9th at 38 days.

Ranked 10th is the PIA Western Alliance state of Oregon at 38.5 days. Oregon is tied with New Jersey and Georgia.

The PIA Western Alliance state of Montana is just ahead of New York at the 2nd slowest average time. Homes sell in the Treasure State in an average of 59.5 days.

Next slowest are West Virginia, Mississippi and Louisiana.

“If you are looking to sell your home, there are many things to consider that might help you get a sale sooner, like opting to sell your home in the Spring or Summer months over Winter as well as taking your time to do thorough research regarding how many other homes in your area are on the market and at what prices,” Heller said. 

By the way, the average time when you average the number of days for all states, is 43 days.

Here are the times for the nine PIA Western Alliance states:

Alaska — 49.5 days

Arizona — 35.5 days

California — 36.5 days

Idaho — 42 days

Montana — 59.5 days

Nevada — 36 days

New Mexico — 53 days

Oregon — 38.5 days

Washington — 33 days

Source link: Journo Research

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