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We all have employees — or know of employees — who are struggling. Here are some scary thoughts — especially if the workers are in more dangerous workplaces. Research by the employee performance firm, Workhuman, says 58% of us don’t think much about what we’re doing at work.

In other words, we’re on autopilot.

The survey is titled, Two Years into COVID: The State of Human Connection at Work. It found another 44% saying they have trouble staying focused while working. That focus — or lack of — for 54% is because people feel mentally exhausted and drained at work and after.

The survey of 2,200 employees in the United States, Ireland, Canada and the U.K. found that an expression of appreciation will help many of those employees out of their funk.

It takes little to no budget — perhaps a shift in mindset — to give praise when you see someone doing something right, rather than waiting for a formal review,” the survey conclusion said. Were all human and feel seen when were shown appreciation.”

Here is more of the survey’s conclusions:

48% of workers thanked in the last month are half as likely to be looking for a new job

Those not thanked number 24% and they’re looking for work elsewhere

The 48% is now more likely to be more engaged at work

Just 21% of those not thanked are more engaged

82% feel twice as likely to feel respected at work when thanked

Just 34% feel respected even though they are not thanked

59% of those thanked see themselves growing more in their job

Just 19% of those not thanked see a path forward

Workhuman’s Chris French analyzed the survey.

The one easy fix that has a big impact — expressing appreciation — is nowhere near where it needs to be. Its a proven fact that recognition has a positive effect and so many more factors that can help a business improve its culture and its bottom line, he said. “Organizations need to lean into their thank youmuscles, or theyll continue to say goodbye to their employees.”

The Great Resignation says saying goodbye is what a lot of employees are doing to current employers. In November of last year, 36% of workers were looking to change jobs. Many of them did change jobs, and 50% of workers noticed more people leaving their organization.

It makes the business look unstable.

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