Some Practical Tips for Staying Cool in the Summer

Technically, it’s not summer. Yet. But it’s getting warmer by the day. And with all that warmth comes the discomfort of trying to sleep in all that heat. Most of us have air-conditioning in our homes but it’s costly, and sometimes makes our bedrooms either too cold or not cold enough.

With climate change worries, some of us prefer to be ecologically correct and don’t want to eat up all that electricity just to stay comfortable. So we did a little research, and found a story from the Seattle times on how to stay comfortably cool at night.

And they’re tips to stay cool — naturally; at least mostly naturally:

  • First of all, keep the sun out of your house and your bedroom — direct sun can raise the temperature of a room by over 10 degrees
  • Keeping the sun out of your home and bedroom is most important on the south and west sides of your home
  • Hang a thin, wet towel or sheet over an open window; warm air passing through the material will cause evaporation and cools the air
  • Freeze some water bottles or take a bowl of ice water and put it in front of a fan aimed at your bed
  • Try some gel ice packs under pillowcases or put them under your neck, knees and wrists
  • Take a hot bath or a hot shower a couple of hours before bed; it helps lower your body temperature

Source link: The Seattle Times —

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