Spring & Yard Work — Some Want Backyard Makeovers


Shed builder, Shedplans is interested in what people do with their backyards. Since they often build sheds there, it makes sense. The company did an analysis of Google Trends data where people googled, “yard ideas,” “shed plans,” “garden DIY” and other yard-like terms.

The point of the analysis is to see what people in which states are the most interested in fixing up their backyard.

Five PIA Western Alliance states are in the top-10. People in Idaho (1) Montana (2), Washington (4), Oregon (6) and New Mexico (8) are most likely to redo their backyards.

Here’s the list and their scores:

1. Idaho — score: 83.2

2. Montana — score: 82.2

3. Wyoming — score: 76.6

4. Washington — score: 75.2

5. Vermont — score: 73.75

6. Oregon — score: 73.6

7. New Hampshire — score: 72.2

8. New Mexico — score: 71.8

9. Utah — score: 71.2

10. South Carolina — score: 69.4

That’s gardening. Since the survey was done by a shed company, Shedplans is also interested in which states have people most likely to buy sheds. They were the PIA Western Alliance state of Alaska and the state of Maine.

The least interested states? Hawaii and Maryland.

In conclusion, Shedplans said: Its interesting to see that its not necessarily the states where people have the most land available that want to revamp their yard. The high interest in Garden DIY also highlights how many US citizens are looking to get into gardening themselves, as opposed to looking into hiring a professional to do the job.” 

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