Stress at Work — The Hartford Survey

The Hartford just did some interesting research on employees and their mental health. The results of the January 2022 Future of Benefits Pulse Survey are shocking but not surprising.

42% say their mental health is declining

43% say they’ve put off getting mental health care since the pandemic began

The report says the mental health care delay is not the only concern.

41% say their social well-being has fallen

32% say their financial security is a big worry

29% worry about their physical health and their mental health

The Hartford has spent a lot of time tracking workplace burnout levels since the pandemic began. It found that the burnout rate in January — at 61% — is still very high  but is somewhat similar to the levels in surveys done in February and July of last year.

Dr. Adam Seidner is The Hartford’s Chief Medical Officer. He said the burnout rate and the mental health worries is impacting how workers work.

63% say their overall health and wellness impacts work productivity

30% say they are less engaged at work

25% say they have trouble concentrating or focusing

“It is difficult to overcome the fear and fatigue we’re all experiencing amid the COVID-19 pandemic; however, it is important that people get back to prioritizing routine health visits and screenings to stay physically and mentally healthy,” Seidner said. “Many health conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, may not be noticeable or detected without routine screenings. These types of conditions, when they continue to develop undetected, can lead to more serious health problems.”

The survey — and Seidner — note that many workers are putting off getting mental health care and setting an appointment because of fear of contracting COVID. Others say it’s really hard to get an appointment. Still others say they’ve had to cancel appointments because of COVID requirements.

Source link: Insurance Journal


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