Summer Travel Tip — A Map for Everything & We Mean EVERYTHING!

Before SmartPhones and gadgets in our autos that told us how to get places, we used maps. Some of us can still read them and still use them.

While we’re now using Google or Waze or some other application to get us from point A to point B, those apps aren’t nearly as much fun as the map website that Weekly Industry News recently found.

It’s called Moveitapp and here are some of the maps you can find at this site. Our editor spent over an hour pouring through some of these maps and found the moveitapp application a fun way to explore the good ol’ USA.

Here are some of the maps available on the site:


Noise — natural and not-so-natural


Diversity of trees

Average debt of college grads

Salaries needed to buy a home

Cream or sugar or both with your coffee map

Homeless people distribution

The production of oranges

Halloween costume preferences

Territories purchased by presidents

Population density in 3D

Who’s guilty of what and where


Our nation’s map according to Australians

Soy lattes

Christmas trees grown

Most used words

Immigrant jobs

Turkeys grown

Final resting places of presidents

Federal prisons

Who eats healthy in which states

Fast food joints

Highest paid public employees — hint, it’s almost always a football coach

Speed limits

Roommates necessary

Who owns guns

Life expectancy

And so on.

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