The Daylight Savings Time Debate

On Sunday morning we all moved our clocks forward an hour. We’ll move them back this fall. It’s something we’ve been doing twice a year since the 1960s. Some of us want it all to stop.

And we want Congress to decide one way or another what time it should be — permanently.

Some members of Congress — and it appears to be a bipartisan thought — want daylight savings time to be permanent except in Hawaii, parts of Arizona and in the U.S. territories.

It’s called the Sunshine Protection Act and is one that has been routinely introduced by Florida Republican, Sen. Marco Rubio since 2018.

The Florida senator — and those supporting his bill — have the strong support of the people. A poll by the Economist/YouGov found that 66% of us are tired of it all and want the constant time change ended. Here’s where things get tricky. Half favored full-time daylight savings time but 31% want to keep standard time.

So do sleep experts who say we’ll all sleep better if standard time is permanent.

Research says the people most at risk during the twice a year transition are those afflicted with insomnia, people who are sleep deprived, students and teenagers, and night owls.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says 33% of us land in that group.

Rubio doesn’t care. Neither does Florida’s other Republican, Sen. Rick Scott.

“It’s time to lock the clock. Floridians are sick of changing their clocks because we all want more sunshine. It’s time for Congress to act, and I’m proud to be leading the bipartisan Sunshine Protection Act with Senator Rubio to get this done,” Scott said.

Rubio has 16 co-sponsors. There is also a companion bill in the House.

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