The Economy — 2/3 of Us View it as Bad


A new CBS News poll says a majority of us rate the economy as bad. That’s not a surprise since inflation has reared its ugly head and has given us a 40-year high. Gas and food prices are the biggest driver of the worry.

CBS found:

63% of us rating the economy as bad

66% say higher prices are either a hardship or difficult for their personal lives

26% say the high prices are inconvenient

8% say they have no effect at all

Breaking it down a little more:

86% say the economy is bad because of inflation

69% say the problem is a shortage of products and services

50% say it is because they don’t trust the Biden administration

Compensating for higher prices:

66% say they’ve cut back on entertainment, travel & activities

64% drive less

53% have cut back on food or groceries

Looking at lowering gas prices:

65% say President Biden can do more

35% say he’s doing all he can

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