The Insanity of Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Ever think about going to a Super Bowl game? Sounds like a great time, especially when considering this year’s game is in Las Vegas. Make it a weekend event. Arrive Friday night, party a bit.

Party all day and all night Saturday in Sin City’s best gambling houses and hotels. Then, hopefully, not too hung over, catch the game Sunday afternoon, and fly home.

Many of the thousands of people who’ll be attending the game have plunked down money for their tickets. Prices will rise and prices will fall between now and game time but the reality of those prices are this, those plunking down cash to head to the game are mostly much better off financially than the average person.

As this is being written, the least expensive single ticket for Superbowl LVIII is for the nosebleed section, the upper corner of section 345, row 10. 

It’s going for $6,885. And that’s without adding in all the annoying fees, taxes and crap that is usually attached to sporting and entertainment events.

The lowest price from StubHub is a pretty good value, and it’s also a nosebleed section seat and is going for $6,922. Ticketmaster’s lowest price is currently $9,100.

If money is no object, and you want to be on the 50-yard line in Section C112, row 18, you can grab a seat for a mere $31,000. And maybe you’ll wow all your friends and get on TV.

Dress in some sort of weird costume and you just might.

Suite level seats run about $49,639 per ticket and you have to buy at least six of them or you can’t buy one at all. If money is no object, the total price to wow those close friends, or family, will be $297,834.

And that’s before all those annoying fees and taxes.

Since Kansas City and San Francisco are the two teams vying for the NFL championship trophy, and Kansas City player, Travis Kelce is in love with music superstar, Taylor Swift, no doubt, those of us forced to see this from home will be seeing lots of shots of her when he makes a great play or two during the game.

We mention Swift because her concert ticket prices are very, very high and go up to $500 or more. At this point, you could buy a lot of tickets to one of her concerts for the price of just one Superbowl seat.

And noting that most Superbowl games are super bores, one of her concerts might be a bit more exciting and a better entertainment choice.

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