The Mental Health Crisis — Finding Help

Justworks is a software company that focuses on human resources. It recently did a survey of employees and focused on mental health.

It seems that COVID and the shakiness of today’s world has a lot of people very concerned. They worry about inflation, COVID, their kids, their jobs, relationships and on the list goes. Many are depressed and can’t seem to find solid mental footing.

The American Psychological Association says people want to talk to someone. The association adds that there are a lot more people wanting to talk than there were in 2020 when the pandemic began.

There are also fewer places to get help.

Here are some numbers:

There are only 30 psychologists and 15 psychiatrists per 100,000 people in the U.S.

Compare that to 156 primary care physicians per 100,000

Making it more complicated is the number of mental health providers that don’t take insurance. A Wall Street Journal study found 33% of those with private insurance had trouble finding a mental health provider who takes their insurance.

In 2021 a lot of mental health providers are telling potential patients that they are not taking new cases. Or if they are, the waiting time to see one can be months.

Some mental health providers won’t even return phone calls.

Here’s another issue. The people the American Psychological Association is talking about expect their employer to help pick up the tab. Justworks’ survey came to the same conclusion.

The survey it did said:

23% of employees say they use their health insurance for mental health needs

Those needs are therapy for anxiety and stress, counseling and rehab

60% expect their employers to invest in their mental health

Justworks says it’s just good business for an employer to invest in the mental health needs of employees. A mentally happy and healthy employee is more productive. It’s also a good benefit to entice potential employees to join the firm.

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