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It’s end of the year clearance time at most auto dealers. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know that it’s pretty much end of the year clearance all the time. The point of those statements being from time-to-time we are all forced to change autos.

And at other times, it’s not forced, it’s just something we want to do.

Buying a new or used auto can be a bit daunting. We all worry about whether we’re purchasing the right one. To level the playing field, we go to the Internet, and to other sources to research the vehicles we are thinking of buying.

One of them is Consumer Reports (CR).

The publication recently put out its annual list of auto rankings. The list has few surprises. The usuals are at the top of the heap and the usual not-as-goods are at the bottom.

The results of what CR finds every year is based on reports from members who subscribe to the magazine. This year’s survey comes from information on autos from the year 2000 to 2023 and is based on reports on 300,000 individual autos.

“Asian automakers are still leading reliability by a wide margin with an overall reliability average score of 59 for the region, on a scale of 0-100,” CR said in the report and noted that 7 of the 10 most reliable autos come from Asia. “European automakers are in second place at 51, while domestic brands trail both with an average score of 40.”

The most reliable passenger vehicles are sedans, hatchbacks and coupes. They average a 58. SUVs are second with a 51 and minivans hit 44. Pickups are last on the reliable list with a 39.

One of the reasons pickups are not considered as reliable is because many are required to haul heavy loads and travel off road. It is assumed they get more abused than the average auto.

CR says hybrids and plug-in hybrids outperform traditional gas-powered vehicles. Their score averages 78 and hybrid SUVs have a 65.

The rankings on a 0 to 100 point scale:

1. Toyota — 72

2. Lexus — 72

3. BMW — 65

4. Mazda — 65

5. Honda — 62

6. Audi — 60

7. Subaru — 59

8. Acura — 57

9. Kia — 54

10. Lincoln — 54

11. Buick — 54

12. Genesis — 52

13. Hyundai — 46

14. Volvo — 45

15. Nissan — 44

16. Ram — 42

17. Cadillac — 42

18. Ford — 41

19. Tesla — 40

20. Chevrolet — 40

21. GMC — 36

22. Volkswagen — 31

23. Jeep — 30

24. Mercedes-Benz — 26

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