The PIA Western Alliance States of Montana & Idaho — Vaccine Employee Requirements

Last year the PIA Western Alliance state of Montana became the first state in the union to outlaw businesses forcing employees to be vaccinated against COVID in order to work.

The bill was signed into law and Montana immediately got sued in federal court. Opponents felt employers ought to have the right to make that decision. Earlier this month a judge said healthcare workers and people working for businesses that accept Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement can be required to have a vaccination in order to work.

The rest of the businesses cannot require vaccination for someone to work for them.

The Legislature of the PIA Western Alliance state of Idaho recently passed a bill similar to Montana’s. It would ban businesses from requiring vaccines to work. Idaho Governor Brad Little has vetoed that bill.

I am vetoing this legislation because I am a lifelong advocate of limited government,” Little wrote in his veto statement. He said the bill significantly expands government overreach into the private sector. I have been consistent in stating my belief that businesses should be left to make decisions about the management of their operations and employees with limited interference from the government.”

In his statement, Little continued, For the same reason, I sued to stop President Joe Bidens vaccine mandates three times, successfully challenging his unprecedented government overreach into the lives of American workers and the decisions of free businesses.”

Idaho’s Coronavirus Pause Act would have fined public and private employers $1,000 per employee if they required proof of vaccination to work.

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