The Tooth Fairy — Inflation Takes a Bite Out of Lost Teeth

Delta Dental is a dental insurer. It also tracks important dental statistics like — well — how things are going for the Tooth Fairy. In fact, every year for the last 26, Delta Dental has done a poll titled the Original Tooth Fairy Poll.

And here’s what the 2024 version found. The value of the average single lost tooth dropped by 6% since last year’s poll. Today a child’s lost tooth gets an average of $5.84.

That’s down from last year’s $6.23.

The Tooth Fairy almost always gives up a little more for that first, precious tooth. That also dropped in average from $7.29 to $7.09. Gabriella Ferroni is the Senior Director, Strategic Communications, Delta Dental Plans Association. She said that’s the first year-over-year drop in five years.

“Delta Dental has tracked U.S. Tooth Fairy giving trends for 26 years as a timely way to spotlight the importance of children’s oral health,” she said. “It is not a surprise to see she tightened her purse strings following last year’s record high. Despite the more economical reward, Tooth Fairy giving is a fun conversation starter to encourage good oral hygiene habits at an early age.”

Usually, the Tooth Fairy’s giving is in line with the general economy, and, in particular, the S&P 500. This year it’s different. Over the last year the S&P 500 has gained 20% and the Tooth Fairy lost 6%.

By regions, she’s much more generous in the West with a lost tooth garnering $8.54. That’s up 37% over last year’s figure.

The Northeast number is $6.87, a 12% hike.

In the South a lost tooth dropped to $5.51. That’s a big surprise because last year it led the pack with $6.59 per lost tooth.

The Midwest is where most kids lost money, and one reason the national average dropped. A lost tooth in that region gains a kid an average of $3.63. That’s down 36% from last year.

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