The World Obesity Foundation & the Crisis of Obesity

The World Obesity Foundation just did its fifth annual study on obesity around the globe. Weekly Industry News has never heard of Obesity Week — and a bunch of you probably haven’t either — but the study’s results were released in conjunction with the onset of last week’s observance.

The report says if something isn’t done soon, over 51% of the world’s population will be considered obese by 2035. Turning the percentage into a number translates to something like 4 billion people. The obesity rate is expected to rise most in children and adolescents. Between now and 2035 they’re predicted to go up 10% to 20% for boys and 8% to 18% for girls.

Today, 38% of the world is considered obese so that is an increase of 14% to 24% from the number of people considered obese today.

Source link: The Hill —

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