Tired of This One? Your Auto Warranty has Expired…



We’ve all gotten the call. Too many times in most cases. A robocalling voice tells you your auto warranty has expired and press a number to get it all patched up. It’s hard to believe that people actually push that button but there are enough calls made by these scheming businesses to make one wonder.

Most of us know very little about what the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does. It monitors and controls communications using airwaves (radio & TV for example) and phones. The latter came under FCC control because calls come to us via air waves from towers.

The FCC has what is called a Robocall Response Team. It says the most complaints it gets these days is from those robocallers like Roy Cox, Jr., Aaron Michael Jones and related companies and associates, pushing auto warranties.

In 2020 there were 7,600 complaints to the FCC. That figure rose to 12,000 in 2021. No more says FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel. Consumers are out of patience and Im right there with them,” she said.

She and the FCC say Cox, Jones and associates, and others doing this line of business have made more than 8 million prerecorded calls to Americans since 2018.

The FCC has now ordered telecommunication companies to start blocking those calls and doing a better job of monitoring them. By the way, the other complaints coming to the FCC involve Social Security number phishing scams, credit card scams, fake lawsuits and fake insurance and healthcare scams.

All this is big, big business. In June of this year, we — the American people — received 4.3 billion robocalls. That’s a 8.5% jump over the statistics from May. On a daily basis, robocalls are up 13.4%.

And we’re all really tired of the inconvenience.

Back to the new FCC edict. For the most part consumers haven’t found those edicts to have much in the way of teeth. YouMail is a company specializing in robocall blocking. Looking at an edict from June of 2021, YouMail said the FCC’s rules on the matter haven’t changed much.

The robocall volume in June 2022 was almost identical to that of June 2021” when a call authentication rule went into effect, YouMail said. US consumers have received 48.3 billion robocalls since the rule was initially rolled out one year ago.”

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