U.S. Migration — Who’s Moving Where

Over the last few years we — as a nation — have been moving less and less. Statistics from the Census Bureau said the trend has been moving downward for the last decade.

Still, in 2022 — the last year statistics are available — 8.2 million of us moved from one state to another. StorageCafe — the storage unit advisor — said most of that moving was done by millennials who made up over 34% of the moves.

A huge percentage of that 34% moved to the warmer climates of Texas, Georgia and Florida.

A lower cost of living and better job prospects are the reason.

Millennials aren’t the only generation focusing on the South. It is the only region in the nation with a positive net migration. The South saw a population gain of 689,436 in 2022. By contrast, the Midwest lost 102,788 people, the Northeast dropped 306,689 people and the West region saw a population loss of 279,959.

The PIA Western Alliance state of California had the biggest population loss of 345,925. New York is second with a negative 247,561, Illinois ranked third in the drop with 109,585. New Jersey and Maryland ranked fourth and fifth in overall losses with a minus 92,076 and 61,891 respectively.

StorageCafe did an analysis of the 2022 data and found the top 10 states for population growth in 2022. Arizona is the only PIA Western Alliance state in the top 10. It ranks fourth.

1. Florida

Incoming migration: 736,000

Outgoing migration: 497,000

Net migration: 238,000

2. Texas

Incoming migration: 661,000

Outgoing migration: 489,000

Net migration: 172,000

3. North Carolina

Incoming migration: 345,000

Outgoing migration: 266,000

Net migration: 79,000

4. Arizona

Incoming migration: 282,000

Outgoing migration: 205,000

Net migration: 77,000

5. Georgia

Incoming migration: 327,000

Outgoing migration: 252,000

Net migration: 74,000

6. South Carolina

Incoming migration: 222,000

Outgoing migration: 154,000

Net migration: 69,000

7. Connecticut

Incoming migration: 146,000

Outgoing migration: 82,000

Net migration: 64,000

8. Tennessee

Incoming migration: 228,000

Outgoing migration: 182,000

Net migration: 47,000

9. Alabama

Incoming migration: 137,000

Outgoing migration: 104,000

Net migration: 33,000

10. Oklahoma

Incoming migration: 114,000

Outgoing migration: 85,000

Net migration: 28,000

Source link: PropertyCasualty360.com — https://bit.ly/48XHtvk

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