Unhappy Workers and Unhappily Expensive

Like most businesses, independent insurance agencies thrive when employees are content and happy with their workplace. And like most businesses, most agencies find things much tougher when employees are unhappy.

We all know that disgruntled employees are a problem but we often don’t think much about how much that unhappiness costs in terms of productivity and profit.

Gallup does.

It did some research recently and found disgruntled employees cost U.S. businesses $1.9 trillion last year. Gallup said the high — and growing — cost comes from people feeling detached from their employers.

The pandemic is being blamed for that detachment.

Gallup says COVID apparently reduced the workplace satisfaction of a lot of people. That mostly comes from employees saying the chaos that came from the pandemic left them confused about what they’re supposed to be doing at work, and what’s expected from them.

The research firm’s chief scientist for workplace practice, Jim Harter said having motivated employees is definitely connected with “a lot of different outcomes that are important to organizations.”

One of those outcomes is profit.

Gallup’s research found that only a third of the employees surveyed said they are engaged at their jobs. Just half say they’re only giving a minimal effort. Harter calls it “quiet quitting.”

The research also took a look at the disconnected employee hit to the global economy and found it to be about $8.8 trillion. So the impact worldwide is also staggering.

Source link; Carrier Management — https://bit.ly/47VSzjh

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