Update: UnitedHealth Hack

On February 21st of this year, UnitedHealth’s ChangeHealthcare unit was hit by a cyber attack. Eventually, UnitedHealth paid the several million dollar ransom demanded by the BlackCat gang.

For weeks the company has contended that non personal data was compromised. Apparently, UnitedHealth has now changed that tune. On Monday of this week the company said the criminals stole health and personal data from a “substantial proportion” of Americans.

That means a lot of people had their personal data exposed because ChangeHealth processed close to 50% of the medical claims posted in the U.S.

“A ransom was paid as part of the company’s commitment to do all it could to protect patient data from disclosure,” UnitedHealth Chief Executive Andrew Witty said. “This attack was conducted by malicious threat actors, and we continue to work with the law enforcement and multiple leading cybersecurity firms during our investigation.”

In addition to the loss of data, with ChangeHealth basically shutting down for several weeks, doctors and healthcare facilities are still struggling to get payments from the claims they posted earlier this year stretching to the present.

UnitedHealth says it’s going to take several months to determine the full extent of the damage from the attack. The company did say on Monday that there is no evidence that  the charts of doctors or full medical histories of individuals were taken by the thieves.

“We know this attack has caused concern and been disruptive for consumers and providers and we are committed to doing everything possible to help and provide support to anyone who may need it,” Witty said.

Source link: Insurance Journal — https://bit.ly/3UFXGkg

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