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To heck with high gas prices. And double-to-heck with travel troubles by air. Americans are traveling and vacations are a high priority. That conclusion comes from a survey done recently by travel insurer, Allianz Partners USA.

  • *74% of those surveyed say an annual vacation is important
  • *That’s a huge leap from the 60% who said so in 2019
  • *It’s just one-point higher than last year’s 73%

    Saying a vacation is important and actually taking one can often be two different things. However, this survey says we’re more apt to take on now than we’ve been in a long time.

  • *65% say they’re positively going to take a vacation
  • *That’s up 2% from last year’s 63%
  • *It’s 13% higher than the former high of 52% in 2014

Even though we’re midway through summer and on our way toward fall, and though gasoline prices are still sky high, a lot of us are hitting the road. Why? Because nothing beats a relaxing summer or fall road trip.

WalletHub looked at 32 different metrics to determine which states are the most fun to go roadtripping in and which are the worst. One PIA Western Alliance state — Idaho — is on the best list and one PIA Western Alliance state, Oregon, is on WalletHub’s pick for the 10 worst.

Among the metrics used by WalletHub is gas prices. The PIA Western Alliance states of Oregon, Washington, Nevada and California are in the top-5 places with the highest petrol prices. Oregon is the most expensive followed by Washington, Nevada, Hawaii and California.

The lowest prices — in order: Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi

Highest in order: Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Hawaii, California

The good news is that Oregon, California, Utah, North Carolina and Washington have the most scenic highways.

The Best States for Roadtripping:

1. New York

Total score: 58.05

Cost ranking: 37th

Safety ranking: 7th

Activity ranking: 3rd

2. Minnesota

Total score: 57.56

Cost ranking: 8th

Safety ranking: 5th

Activity ranking: 21st

3. Texas

Total score: 56.56

Cost ranking: 18th

Safety ranking: 38th

Activity ranking: 4th

4. Louisiana

Total score: 56.01

Cost ranking: 2nd

Safety ranking: 42nd

Activity ranking: 10th

5. Maine

Total score: 55.77

Cost ranking: 27th

Safety ranking: 1st

Activity ranking: 27th

6. Ohio

Total score: 54.83

Cost ranking: 12th

Safety ranking: 27th

Activity ranking: 16th

7. North Carolina

Total score: 54.20

Cost ranking: 19th

Safety ranking: 37th

Activity ranking: 8th

8. Idaho

Total score: 53.06

Cost ranking: 33rd

Safety ranking: 3rd

Activity ranking: 20th

9. Florida

Total score: 52.93

Cost ranking: 28th

Safety ranking: 50th

Activity ranking: 2nd

10. Wyoming

Total score: 52.44

Cost ranking: 25th

Safety ranking: 12th

Activity ranking: 22nd

The 10-Worst:

10 Worst

1. Rhode Island (ranked 50th)

Total score: 36.95

Cost ranking: 41st

Safety ranking: 20th

Activity ranking: 49th

2. Connecticut (ranked 49th)

Total score: 38.48

Cost ranking: 42nd

Safety ranking: 18th

Activity ranking: 47th

3. Delaware (ranked 48th)

Total score: 39.33

Cost ranking: 30th

Safety ranking: 33rd

Activity ranking: 48th

4. Montana (ranked 47th)

Total score: 41.43

Cost ranking: 34th

Safety ranking: 40th

Activity ranking: 35th

5. Arkansas (ranked 46th)

Total score: 42.32

Cost ranking: 6th

Safety ranking: 49th

Activity ranking: 42nd

6. New Jersey (ranked 45th)

Total score: 43.90

Cost ranking: 44th

Safety ranking: 11th

Activity ranking: 32nd

7. Oregon (ranked 44th)

Total score: 44.36

Cost ranking: 49th

Safety ranking: 19th

Activity ranking: 9th

8. Maryland (ranked 43rd)

Total score: 44.83

Cost ranking: 43rd

Safety ranking: 35th

Activity ranking: 13th

9. New Hampshire (ranked 42nd)

Total score: 45.06

Cost ranking: 36th

Safety ranking: 4th

Activity ranking: 41st

10. West Virginia (ranked 41st)

Total score: 45.08

Cost ranking: 22nd

Safety ranking: 21st

Activity ranking: 45th

The Ranking of the Rest of the PIA Western Alliance States:

12. Washington

Total score: 51.65

Cost ranking: 40th

Safety ranking: 25th

Activity ranking: 5th

19. Nevada

Total score: 49.98

Cost ranking: 38th

Safety ranking: 29th

Activity ranking: 8th

22. Alaska

Total score: 49.61

Cost ranking: 47th

Safety ranking: 24th

Activity ranking: 6th

30. California

Total score: 47.65

Cost ranking: 50th

Safety ranking: 39th

Activity ranking: 1st

38. Arizona

Total score: 45.77

Cost ranking: 32nd

Safety ranking: 45th

Activity ranking: 17th

39. New Mexico

Total score: 45.46

Cost ranking: 24th

Safety ranking: 47th

Activity ranking: 23rd

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