Verint & P&C Insurers — The 10 Best


Verint is a customer experience software company. It recently did a survey of businesses on what they like about insurers, and who they believed are the best insurers for their business.


The survey’s conclusions opened with this statement: As consumer behavior continues to evolve and expectations rise, its important to have insight into how your customer engage with you — at every touchpoint during every step of the journey.”


That conclusion came from a number of questions carriers ought to be asking themselves. They are:


How healthy is our customer satisfaction?

Whats driving customer satisfaction?

How can customer satisfaction be improved?

What engagement channels offer the best opportunities for customer education and organizational insights?

What matters most to our customer?

How can we ensure customers have what they need to succeed?

How can we continue to build trust and loyalty?


After businesses finished the survey, this is how Verint ranked P&C insurers:



Customer satisfaction rating: 83.7 out of 100


2. State Farm

Customer satisfaction rating: 81.7 out of 100


3. Allstate

Customer satisfaction rating: 81.1 out of 100


4. American Family Insurance

Customer satisfaction rating: 80.9 out of 100



Customer satisfaction rating: 79.7 out of 100


6. Progressive

Customer satisfaction rating: 79.6 out of 100


7. Travelers

Customer satisfaction rating: 79.6 out of 100


8. The Hartford

Customer satisfaction rating: 78.6 out of 100


9. Farmers Insurance

Customer satisfaction rating: 78.5 out of 100


10. Liberty Mutual


Customer satisfaction rating: 78.0 out of 100


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