Very Bad Doings in the Oregon Legislature — Adding Insurance Companies, Agencies & Agents to UPTA

A very bad bill — HB 3243-A — has been heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Division of Financial Regulation has said that this bill may also impact insurance agents.

Here is a link that explains the bill:

PIA Oregon Lobbyist Lana Butterfield said the bill says violation of prohibitions against unfair claim settlement practices with respect to insurance is subject to enforcement action under Unlawful Trade Practices Act.

“[This bill] permits a person to obtain, and court to award, appropriate equitable relief in addition to monetary damages under Unlawful Trade Practices Act. [It] requires the Director of Department of Consumer and Business Services to request action before prosecuting attorney may take action under Unlawful Trade Practices Act against act or practice related to insurance,” she wrote in her description of the bill.

Click here to read PIA’s testimony against HB 3243-A.

It is very important for you to make your voice heard. Please write individual emails to the Committee members below and ask them to vote NO when final action on HB 3243-A is taken.

Use some of the reasons from PIA’s testimony in your email content. Here are the committee members to send your comments to:

Senate Judiciary Committee

Senator Floyd Prozanski, Chair

Senator Kim Thatcher 

Senator Sara Gelser Blouin​

​Senator Dennis Linthicum

Senator James I. Manning Jr.

Other Contacts

Senator Mark Meek​​

​Senator Elizabeth Steiner

Senator Aaron Woods

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