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We don’t tend to talk to friends or family about how much money we make. It’s even more of a no-no with coworkers. But if you really want to find out what everyone else is making, it’s pretty easy to at least find an average.

Capital One took a look at wages in the U.S. via figures gathered from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It keeps business statistics. Part of that effort is wages and the BLS tracks those wages in seven age groups.

Here is the median salary for those age groups:

  • 16-19 — $31,356
  • 20-24 — $37,024
  • 25-34 — $54,184
  • 35-44 — $63,908
  • 45-54 — $64,116
  • 55-64 — $61,672
  • 65 and older — $57,252

Women still make less money a year than men. The average now is 16% less. Or if a guy makes one dollar, a woman makes 84 cents. Look at that as a yearly wage and find the median wage for men is $61,620.

For women it’s $52,052.

Capital one also looked at ethnicities and how much each group is making. These are results for people working full-time that are 16 and over.

  • Asian — $75,348
  • White — $58,552
  • Black — $47,476
  • Hispanic or Latino — $44,252

Then there’s average salaries per profession:

  • Attorneys and those high up in the legal profession have the highest average salary at $124,540
  • Computer jobs and mathematical jobs are second at an average of $108,130
  • Health care & technical workers are third at $96,770
  • The lowest wages are for food preparation and services and average $32,130
  • Health care support workers are second worst at $35,560

Where you live also adds up to more money on average. The top states for income include the PIA Western Alliance states of California and Washington as well as Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Virginia.

The lowest income states — on average — include the PIA Western Alliance states of Idaho and New Mexico as well as Mississippi and South Carolina.

Source link: MSN — https://bit.ly/3Jnemqw

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