Well-Being — Even Executives are Impacted These Days


We read a lot about the well-being of employees and how concerned employers are for them. Very little is said about how tough it is these days for executives, managers, supervisors and what some call, “senior leadership.”

The consultant firm, Deloitte recently did a survey about senior leadership. The results are disturbing but not really surprising. Jen Fisher is Deloittes US chief wellbeing officer. She said many executives and company leaders are in serious contemplation about health verses work. Homelife verses the office.

  • *73% of executives say they have trouble unplugging when they leave work
  • *70% say they’re looking to leave their company for their own wellbeing

    Its time for the C-suite to become more health-savvy by embracing the expanding focus on wellbeing in their role,” Fisher said. “This critical shift will not only benefit their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their people, but also the long-term success of their organizations.”

    The survey is titled the Workplace Intelligence Survey. Researchers spoke with 2,100 employees and executives in four countries — the United States, the UK, Canada and Australia.

  • *Just 66% of executives take all the personal time off they have coming
  • *Very few walk away from their desk during work hours
  • *The same 66% say they don’t get enough sleep
  • *They also don’t spend enough quality time with their families and friends

    The survey found 30% are always or often feeling exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, lonely or depressed. A different survey from the hybrid work company, IWG found many executives and company leaders prefer hybrid working — working from home some and at the office some.

    And these employees outlined why they prefer hybrid working:

  • *84% said it helps with work/life balance
  • *80% say it helps with their mental health
  • *76% say hybrid working gives them more time for hobbies and to visit with friends
  • *74% said hybrid working helps their job performance

Source link: Insurance Business America — https://bit.ly/3zEH7cQ

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